About Gus

Talking about me is not easy, I started early when I was 10 years old in the computer world,  when I was around 10 I was sitting across my dad desk and I watched hime using the computer (intel 286) fascinated with the machine I decided to explore it in and out finding myself dreaming about the possibilities that this encounter would drive in my future.

When I was 12, I was already programming in basic, producing motion graphics, interactive apps, music and mathematical equations with code.

Then my dad one day asked me to go with him to the habita ministry to help a colleague with their machine, my dad saw the potential, the thing is the user could not access a program in DOS, I swing by and hack the computer, suddenly I was a popular kid with computer skills and it felt good.

I continue my high school and at 16 I entered to the Computer Engineering faculty, with my desire to develop software, games and everything in that digital world.

My time in the university was awesome, I developed multiple software, from ERP, multimedia applications, computer based training, web sites, scripting and as a final thesis work a virtual reality information system. Pretty Cool!

My thesis was called: ” Sistema de información para acceder a la información histórica y arquitectónica de la plaza Baralt de Maracaibo”

In this project I design an unique 3D architecture of information structure and flow which remind me Google Street View in a way, because I had to use at that time a 1 MP camera and a tripod to turn in multiple possible walking paths and take visual pictures of each point in order to have the deep and color of the every location.(1998) On top of that the interaction of each building and a combination of what we Know today as Augmented Reality but at that time was overlaying the structures with the information on the virtual space. The objective was to preserve virtually this important landmark and present a history timeline of the building around since its construction, this was a real challenge back in 1998 with computer with Intel Pentium PRO processors, but I did it. And recently in a convention in Michigan I hear stories of current developments that to me since that I’ve done and overcome some of the issue of VR.

I graduated as an computer engineer in 1998, at that time I founded an start-up called i-media, with the slogan “Virtual Spaces”. At that time we dreamed with the virtual worlds, and today  in 2017 I felt and awakening of the VR world.

At that time me and my team designed and develop a first truly social network called “zurumba.com” and keep making revenue from multimedia development and custom software projects.

More to come…