How to save your iPhone from Telugu iPhone Killer Unicode Character?

I got an email with the #telugugate character, my phone started to reset with no control, I could not send iMessage, or messages with WhatsApp or open any email app.

Telugu iPhone Killer Character
Telugu iPhone Killer Character

I received the email from the outlook app, without opening even the email on my mail iPhone native app, in few seconds all started to go wrong.

“Keep Calm, I am here to help”

I could not believe what was happening, on the other news site the problem looks apocalyptic and with no solution so far to get the iPhone working again.

Desperation started to consume me, but I kept breathing, and I started shutting down the phone.

Thinking about how to get this #teluguiphonekiller out of my iPhone.

I was in desperation because I had the latest games on my iPhone from TAPQUAD®️ that I was testing and the phone was not cooperating.

I started the PriMemory™️ game to see if that will solved the issue, it looked like things were getting better until I got an iMessage from one of the testers, and the iPhone started to reset itself.

At this point, I was upset with Apple allowing this to happen, but it is so new that event the “geniuses” at the Apple store will kill your phone and content to get it removed. No good when you had reached a level 15 in any PriMemory game.

So I was committed to finding a solution to my desperation. And in My mind was just this question:

How can I save My iPhone from the #telugugate?

  1. Turn off your iPhone.
  2. Open the web version of my email and delete the email that came with the character. (Try a PC and DO NOT INTENT to open your mail client on your Mac, because it will cause the same issue). If you get a WhatsApp or iMessage, got to the WhatsApp web version and delete the message, or iCloud on a PC and delete the iMessage (Block the person that sent you the #telegucharofdeath)
  3. Once the #telugumail or message has been deleted then DO NOT ATTENT TO OPEN YOUR EMAIL AGAIN.
  4. Turn on your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Reset
  5. Touch “Reset All Settings” (You will lose no content, pictures messages or emails)
    Alert: But you will need to enter your password again, st the passcode, enter your AppleID password and add credit cards and debit cards to your Wallet.
  6. Set again all the credentials, credit and debit cards, TouchID FaceID and you are all set.

Now your iPhone is saved!

Enjoy it, share this, someone that you know will probably be affected by this issue.

Update: the Unicode Character can be transmitted and cause the same level of damage on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, by email, or any other messenger type used in your system. This resolution guide doesn’t show Mac issues or how to solve it. I recommend using a different no Apple device to find the message and delete it, then come back to your device and restart it again.

Also, CarPlay is affected if your iPhone had received the Telugu character, this could represent a distraction while driving, because the display unit on the car will turn on and off without stopping.